In Theaters Now – My Little Pony: The Movie


Can the magic of friendship overcome the oppressive totalitarian regime of the Storm King and his merchandising? Probably! Special guest James D’Amato from One Shot joins us in picking apart the bizarre implications of the My Little Pony universe.

3 responses to “In Theaters Now – My Little Pony: The Movie

  1. I’m surprised you guys liked the opening song so much. I honestly could not stand it.

    Just one little note: the reason the Elements of Harmony didn’t show up in the movie is that they were removed from the show in season six. The main characters currently have no means of powering up.

  2. It’s not necessarily fair to compare the series to Stephen Universe given that MLP:FIM is TV-Y ie appropriate for children 2-6 years old, whereas Stephen Universe is TV-PG which is 3 ratings higher and is not appropriate for kids under 12 or something like that.

    Not that children’s content can’t have good stories, but they’re restricted by how far they can challenge things. Granted the movie is PG so doesn’t really have that demographic rating restriction as much.

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