Blimpleggers at GenCon!

Welcome!  If you’re here it’s because you’ve signed up for our 2018 GenCon Blimpleggers RPG session, which will be run by Jon and I right there on the con floor.  Meet us (wait, that’s not interesting or hard to do), and play our rad game!  One quick note before we get started here, gotta clear up some old information on the event page.  Since we originally posted this session, we have become participants in a ludicrously successful kickstarter run by show friend Erika Chappell (author of PATROL, Hard Knocks, Must Be Tuesday, and the System Mastery Universal Game), called Flying Circus.  One of the goals that was handily passed by Flying Circus with flying colors was an expansion for Blimpleggers.  Erika has assured us that we’ll have the tools and rules by GenCon, so the game will not be in Strike! as detailed on the event page, but in Flying Circus: Blimpleggers.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn anything new.  We do, though.  Flying Circus is a PBTA hack designed to support air and ground action, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s what Blimpleggers needs.  If you already know PBTA, that’s great!  You’ll have an easy time coming on board.  Bonus:  You’ll be the first people to ever play Blimpleggers, that I am aware of.  Okay, session details ahead, and thanks for reading.

Session details:
Name: Blimpleggers – The Ridgelands Rendezvous
System:  Flying Circus: Blimpleggers
Start Date & Time: Friday at 12:00 PM
Players:  Well, there should be six of you
Characters:  Pregen characters will be available at the table to get started immediately
Setting:  Vespia is the 1920s of a not-America where various sorts of airships came along early and cars never happened.  There’s a Prohibition on, but the target isn’t just alcohol, it’s the magical potions that use alcohol as a stable base.  Players take on the roles of potion-runners crewing smuggling blimps to run magicked up gin juice to every corner of the largely unsettled continent.  An eclectic mix of species exist, including the massive bearfolk Kodiak, empathic settlers the Advocants, glowing mantis people from deep underground the Lamprid, and more (yes, there’s humans).  We’ll explain way more at the table.

Short Description:  Battle the Fuzz and more to deliver your blimp cargo of magically-enhanced booze to the thirsty populace of Vespia.

Long Description:  Prohibition is on and the demand for party potions has never been higher, so set your course and brave the deadly skies.  Players will take on roles as the daring crew of the Arbor Devil, the personal blimplegging blimp of notorious sky adventurer seeker Chester Balloonman.  The Devil has just left port from a Hoochburg (moonshining towns dotting the Vespian wilderness), with a full cargo hold of various magically enhanced alcohols in casks, crates, and bottles.  Their destination, Atlantis City, the casino town floating on a layer of grunge and helium over Picar Bay, like a squat, drunk, massive old balloon.  The captain has called for a low-altitude run through the Apaline Canyons, a series of forested ridges that remain largely wild and untrammeled (like most of Vespia), to be made under cover of night.  The right bribes have been paid, the right wheels have been greased, and it should be a simple delivery.  Will there be misadventure? (Yes).  Fearsome attacks?  (Yes)  Magical Booze?  (Of course).