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Announcement Mastery

Did you want us to read a thing on the show, but didn’t want to wait for months or support Patreon as well? Here’s your chance. For $50, we’ll read your message on the air. You can specify who should read it and which show you’d like it on. (Read it yourself before sending it to us to see if it stays under two minutes, or we may ask you to edit it down)

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Just give us a dollar

Did you like what you heard and you want to avoid Patreon? Here’s a button you can press that sends us a dollar (The dollar comes from your account. Sadly the technology that would allow for your clicking this button to simply magically create a dollar remains in beta).

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Five dollars!

New! Send us five dollars! Why are you doing this? You know we’ll just waste it on food, rent, and roleplaying games, right? Go buy a Subway sandwich instead. What? You say they’re like nine dollars now, and they still just taste like Subway? Nevermind, give it to us.

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