In Theaters Now!


Hooray!  You made it happen! So here we go, we’re going to watch movies in theatres instead of seeing if they’re free on Youtube.  Each month, right here on this page, we’ll host a poll to show what’s new in theatres.  You vote, we eventually stop the poll, and then we go see the movie.  We made this bed of never picking the films ourselves and we’re going to lie in it.  You want us to watch romcoms?  Tyler Perry films?  Christmas movies about business-dads learning a lesson (please have mercy)?  Say so.  It’s in your hands.

Winner: The Coronavirus. In Theaters Now on hiatus for now.

Winner: Sonic the Hedgehog

rules:  We’re sticking to movies with nationwide releases.  I’m not driving to LA to watch something that’s on 10 screens in the country.  Second, these polls are set to multiple choice.  You can vote for your top 3, to give you a little wiggle room on what the worst thing we could watch might be.  Third, we’ll generally create the list out of everything that comes out the month we post the poll plus a few late releases from the previous month.  We will generally close the poll before the second episode of Movie Mastery during the month so that we can finalize and get our popcorn buttered.