Expounded Universe 10 – Xizor Takes a Knee

We are joined in today’s episode by Kat and Pranks from a friendly Star Wars podcast of their very own, Never Tell Me The Pods!

We’ll be exploring chapters 28-30, in which the grand Xizor seduction plotline comes to a gross, dumb, veiny head.

Got Star Wars questions?   We’ve got answers.  Send them to the usual place, systemmastery@gmail.com.

2 responses to “Expounded Universe 10 – Xizor Takes a Knee

  1. It was fun having Kat and Pranks on. And, of course, Xizor is excellent as always, flaunting his anchor lording skills.

  2. Yeah those two peeps were a good one-off addition, added some humour and different perspective. Chemistry stayed pretty solid

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