Movie Mastery – The 13th Warrior (1999)

It turns out that not every single person that makes a suggestion for the show ends up trying to get us to watch the absolute worst nonsense available. This time we got to watch an actual decent movie adaptation of a Michael Crichton book.

7 responses to “Movie Mastery – The 13th Warrior (1999)

  1. I like this movie if only for the reason that it’s one of the few action movies that has warriors take off their armor before they jump into water. And because of Antonio Banderas. Banderas is always a good reason.

  2. You guys kinda got the fight backwards. Friendo is acting like he’s a sub-par warrior. Smaller, weaker, and unable to keep a shield intact for 10 seconds of fighting. He’s working hard to tell the enemy as little about his *actual* fighting prowess as possible. The last stroke was so sudden as to possibly be luck, though we all know better.

  3. Several of the most recent Movie Mastery episodes have been missing download links on that page. I’m guessing this is just an oversight?

  4. See, I thought 13W was remarkably even-handed in its handling of the outsider character. Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan Ibn Al Abbas Ibn Rashid Ibn Hamad is not really the main character of the story. He’s the viewpoint character to be sure, but the actual Vikings vs, Cavemen brawl happens almost without his input and he’s merely along for the ride. He doesn’t become the leader of the vikings, he doesn’t convert them to islam, he doesn’t single-handedly defeat the cavemen, and other than his somewhat implausible swordmanship he doesn’t really demonstrate any outlandish talents. He’s present, has his own little side story, and wins the respect of the actual heroes while they win his. As it should be; I’ve seen and read countless stories where the outsider just completely steals the show and makes the whole world revolve around him.

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