Expounded Universe 7 – The Rodian Less Twaveled

Chapters 19 – 21.  In which Dash Rendar gets a real wicked sad going, Leia finally meets Guri, and against all odds, Bothans just keep on dying!

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5 responses to “Expounded Universe 7 – The Rodian Less Twaveled

  1. This is so weird to listen to because like, half this shit was in the Star Wars Saga RPG. So every time they introduce some new dumb thing I keep thinking back to what source book it’s in. (Guri is lower level than Xizor, somehow.)

  2. I’m not gonna lie, I love the fact that you guys spent this episode reviewing these chapters like you were reviewing an RPG campaign.

  3. Hey, still loving this series, you guys are really great.

    got a question, is it possible, to get a MP3 Download, like System and Movie Mastery?

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