Gear Krieg- System Mastery 103

Are you looking for a game of two-fisted derring-do and rousing pulp adventure?  You’ll be sure to find it in some other book.  Gear Krieg is an RPG companion to a similarly titled tabletop wargame, based on the functional Silhouette rule system and featuring … well, World War 2 for the most part.  Also Edison and Tesla.

7 responses to “Gear Krieg- System Mastery 103

    • It’s like the… commercial official release of the tune? Our original theme is the song’s sort of prototype mix. When’s Jef’s computer exploded we lost our master mp3 of the original, so we used this. We have the master mp3 again because some fans have bought it over the years.

  1. for another ww2 rpg, look up Godlike: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946. it struck me as needlessly complex in many areas and you may enjoy picking that apart, but i think you would really enjoy certain background setting ideas like how superscience is a superpower in a very literal way, because its a memorable detail that stuck with me for all these years

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