Holidays – Afterthought 47

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Happy Holidays from your friendly neighborhood System Masters.   All that means is that the intro is holiday themed though, don’t you worry.  It’s still us talking about Champions and listener questions, yes indeed.  Also there’s a contest (a real one!) buried in this episode, so get in there, intrepid listeners!

5 responses to “Holidays – Afterthought 47

  1. Actually, only Jean Shepard, the narrator a.k.a they guy who wrote the books, returned in the sequels to A Christmas Story. Yes, sequels not counting A Christmas Story 2. Jerry O’Connell, from that show you constantly mentioned involving the tiny hamburgers, was Ralphie in a Disney Channel adaptation of “Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss” in the late ’80s and one of the Culkin brothers was Ralphie in a big-screen adaptation of “It Runs In The Family” a.k.a. My Summer Story in the ’90s.

    Also, Scott Schwartz did do porn, but I don’t think it was gay porn. I think he even had sex on camera at one point, but he did as well as can be expected of non-porn performers. I recall he did a lot of Vivid productions as well as arty porn director Michael Ninn’s work. I mostly recall this because he showed up in a lot of Nikita Gross’ and Vicca’s work through the ’90s. I think his most memorable turn was in Ninn’s New Wave Hookers 4, where he’s playing a manic Dr. Strangelove character teaming up with Jamie Gillis to make a super-hooker and testing her out with cloned Peter Norths, who have been dubbed “Megasplashers”. The whole thing was bonkers.

  2. Oh, for… It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, maybe White Christmas if you like Bing Crosby and/or Danny Kaye, A Charlie Brown Christmas, all the other good versions of A Christmas Carol (Patrick Stewart, Alistair Sim, etc… go Google “Scrooge U” for a fun rundown of various adaptations of Dickens’ classic, both good and bad)… I’m not saying there’s a vast selection of great Christmas movies, but it’s nowhere near as barren as you claim. Hell, you could even get the goofy shit MST3K riffed on up in there! Which remind me, I need to buy Santa & The ice Cream Bunny from Rifftrax…

    As for horror RPGs, I feel oblligated to recommend “I Love The Corps”, a superb sci-fi survival horror RPG – it’s basically Starship Troopers with a little bit of Doom and XCOM thrown in there, with a damn good insanity mechanic. I’ll admit, it is made by a pal of mine, and I did playtest it before it got Kickstarted, but honestly it’s one of the best systems I’ve played in a long time. My character concepts have ranged from “folksy Texan deputy who kept fucking up in horrible ways and lost the will to live” to “middle-aged female Chinese warehouse clerk who just snapped under the pressure of killer aliens” to “Australian dickhead who has a paternal attachment to his giant murder-drone”.

  3. The EverQuest RPG series was my “but it’s a great deal!” purchase. It was on clearance after EQ2 came out and killed all interest, so I bought them for the expanded world info.

    Took 8 years to play it, and now it’s one of my hidden gems.

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