Movie Mastery – Saving Christmas (2014)


Kirk Cameron takes some time off from his lucrative rap career to let everyone know what the holidays are really all about. Rampant, unbridled consumerism with a thin veneer of religion slapped on top.

3 responses to “Movie Mastery – Saving Christmas (2014)

  1. I just wanted to leave a comment hear about the religious beliefs espoused here.

    There are several types of Christians who make a point of not celebrating Christmas for the reasons of accuracy to Scripture and the incorporation of pagan elements. Most prominent among them are the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most of these folks though generally aren’t too up in your face about it because they are minority sects that have faced discrimination from the majority Christian groups in the past.

    Also boy howdy does this movie screw up any and all information regarding the Arian Heresy. First basic thing is that although Saint Nicholas did hit Arius once during First Council of Nicaea it was seen as a very big failure of character on his part and nearly got him thrown out of the Council. After all hitting your debate opponent isn’t exactly an okay thing to do. Second Nicholas wasn’t white he was technically Greek but was born in Turkey and thus like most people of the time and had a mix of Greek and native Semitic ancestors (this was before the Turks as we know them moved into Turkey), and Arius was Egyptian. Lastly where do Born Again Christians get off talking about the Church councils and condemning those viewpoints found heretical. They’re Protestant and thus by definition heretical to all the people at those councils. Why are they condemning someone for splitting with the Catholic and Orthodox Churches when they themselves have split off from the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

    As for Saint Nicholas the reason he morphed into Santa is because he really was a goofy old guy who enjoyed giving out Grandpa gifts to his friends/family and more important gives to poor people. It wasn’t at Christmas it was just whenever he went to someone’s house he’d drop coins in their kids shoes or hide new food in your pantry if it was empty. This was initially celebrated on his feast day of December the 6th with anonymous food donations to poor houses and little presents for your kids. It’s just two gift giving holidays that close together eventually got rolled into one.

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