With Special Guest James D’Amato – Afterthought 46

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We’ve had him join us for questions and interviews before, but as long as we were visiting to be on his show, we figured “Why not bring him along for all of our show?”  So here’s the guy (James D’Amato) from Campaign and One Shot joining us for an entire Afterthought, to talk LARPing, burying the lede, and questions.  So many questions.

4 responses to “With Special Guest James D’Amato – Afterthought 46

  1. You guys need to release that Weapons of the World song as it’s own audio/Youtube clip. It would be fun to share around RPG and other nerd forums online, and would be a good way to promote the show (maybe with a quick plug at the end of the song).

  2. Not sure if you corrected your mistake, but at around 15 minutes you talk about “Godbound”, but you’re mixing it with Godlike. Godlike is the one about superheroes / Exalted in WW2, Godbound is about Exalted / actual gods in a fantasy setting thing. Godbound is definitely OSR and not D20, not sure about Godlike.

  3. “Just a shot in the dark, is that about ice hockey?” Jef, are you referring to Check, Please, cuz that webcomic immediately came to mind when you said that. (P.S. auto correct turned Jef into keg)

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