Cyberworld – System Mastery 82

cyberworld-the-live-action-roleplaying-game-of-the-new-dark-ages-da-rpg-2050-408474fc6d7ffc4374d7142f67445eb7 ]

In today’s episode we gather to pass judgement down upon Cyberworld,  the story of a distant future where an emperor that bizarrely shares the first AND last name of the book’s author (what a coincidence!) rules both North and South America with an iron fist that probably has a snap bracelet on it and an Alice in Chains CD clutched in it (1992 jokes people).  Join us won’t you, as we dive in to a dystopian cyber-future LARP.  That’s right, this is also a LARP.  With the rock paper scissors and everything.

7 responses to “Cyberworld – System Mastery 82

  1. Man, I think the only way that the healing system could be more spiteful, is if they made you show up to the sessions, but read the dictionary like in Prime Directive.

  2. Could you guys do a episode on Dungions: The Dragoning 40000 7th edition.

    It’s better than you would think.

  3. Wow, this is basically the dumb cousin of Cyberpunk 2020. Everything has been taken from there, except that it became way worse in the process.

  4. It occurs to me that the Vertnet(?) vert-techs bit might be an excuse to play osr D&D in universe. Well, that is what it looks like anyway.

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