In Theaters Now – Ghostbusters (2016)


Find out who was right about this movie. Was it terrible like the angry white men on the internet that refused to see it said or was it good like literally everyone else has said?

12 responses to “In Theaters Now – Ghostbusters (2016)

  1. “Angry White Men”

    Really guys? There were plenty of non-white non-men that thought it was going to be crap as well based on that trailer.

    Stop virtue signaling. If you liked it that’s fine, but you’re a lot smarter than that then to just attack people based on their gender and skin color.

    • And just to explain.

      I am sure the movie is just fine, I just take issue with the description you put on this episode. It seems click-baity and antagonistic to anyone that didn’t want to see the movie.

      • Hmm, would “always annoyed at strangely specific things men” be a better description ? :)

        After I’ve read the description I instantly new what the first comment would be. Oh well.
        Thanks for the review guys, As far as my sample goes, its 3 for and 1 meh (slightly below average), so I should probably go and see it. The trailer was underwhelming, but it certainly did not deserve the hate-storm it received (the first transformers trailers were much much worse, yet people were strangely ok with it)

      • Honestly, “Angry People” would have been fine.

        Also Transformers didn’t have Micheal Bay running around blaming muh soggy knee to who didn’t like his film. The Ghostbusters director just started adding fuel to a garbage fire.

        Also more people like the original Ghostbusters movies than the people who enjoyed the cartoon or toy-lines of Transformers. Not to mention one is a comedy, and the other is an action film, which means people expect jokes, the other they expected robots.

        Thinking with nuance helps a lot.

  2. You guys are one of three groups of critics I listen to online, because in addition to being funny, you also seem to have roughly the same taste in movies as I do. I have a bit of a problem, however, because all three have said radically different things about the new Ghostbusters. You guys loved it, one group hated it, and the last thought it was a decent rental.
    So great job, guys! Now what am I supposed to do? Think for myself? Make my own decisions?! That’s not what I want to use the internet for!

    (real talk, I’m glad y’all are doing well with this podcast business, because, real talk, y’all seem like good people deserving of success, real talk)

  3. Very entertaining review. I really wasn’t looking forward to this movie. Based on the trailers, it looked terrible. The positive buzz has gotten me very curious though, especially all the people talking about Kate McKinnon.

  4. …finally watched this and I think what best sums up if it’s “good” or not is that halfway through my wife just turns to me and goes “This really isn’t funny…or good.”

    Non-geeky, non-nerdy, just watching the movie viewpoint that made me realize I was REALLY trying to like it because I heard the review first – but it just fell really flat.

    What was the most surprising for me was Leslie Jones – I think she did a great job overall and it wasn’t just “screaming angry black woman” like many have said is the only thing she can do. McCarthy and Wiig were flat and the same character they’ve played everywhere else. McKinnon did better, but felt like she needed more time to do something decent with the character.

    Overall…I will be interested to see a ‘director’s cut’ to see if it fills what seemed like big holes in character development.

  5. Se7en is an absolutely excellent movie that I hope I to never see again.

    Ghostbusters? The first one had an excellent story with some comedy tacked onto it. This one had some excellent comedy with a story just kinda tossed in as a backdrop. Yeah, I prefer the former to the latter.

    I thought the casting was good and the cameos were fun, but it’s just a really weak movie beyond that. Replace the leads with some Sam Worthington clones and it would be unwatchable.

    Still better than ghostbusters 2, thank zool!

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