Pokemons and Fraggleses – Afterthought 37

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Feng Shui was a great game, and we missed a lot of stuff during our official review, so here’s a chance to talk about it some more!  Also a chance to talk about Fraggles an awful lot, which was unexpected.  But what are you going to do(Hint: Listen)?  Listener questions abound as well.

4 responses to “Pokemons and Fraggleses – Afterthought 37

  1. On the subject of how insane waiting in line for con merchandise can be, I recall hearing about a great solution at GenCon. After experiencing the usual delays in the past from selling That Year’s Hot New Thing, one year Fantasy Flight Games decided to instead give out tokens for the item in question. Thus, when the item was brought out for purchase, their booth didn’t have some insane line, but instead had a steady yet tidy stream of business.
    I wonder why other folks haven’t copied this? Perhaps it’s about accepted (and flawed) practices, or maybe this would be a logistical mess for businesses that aren’t quite the tabletop giant that Fantasy Flight currently is after having merged with Asmodee. Thoughts on this for the podcast?

  2. I’m pretty sure that the hecatoncheiros was a greek titan with a hundred arms and fifty heads, which tends to show up in various media. It may or may not be the same as the hundred-handed one that was one of your least favorite RCCs.

  3. On the subject of tough sell characters, I once played a character in a Villains & Vigilantes game that was the Situation from Jersey Shore except he had electrical elemental powers and sweet-ass Trans Am.

  4. On the subject of ridiculous limited-release item grabs and pointless lines, that’s one of the reasons I’m not super interested in going to GenCon every year, despite being only a good drive away. Every publisher makes a big deal about having the hot new thing ready for sale at GenCon, but half they time, they only have a partial production run completed, so unless you’re working a booth or have a VIP ticket, you aren’t getting a copy.

    “GenCon only” special items or deals irritate me even more – they just seem like a total dismissal of the fan base. “Oh, you like X and happen to be at GenCon this year? Then you get this awesome thing!” “Oh, you’re the biggest fan of X ever and pay extra to import it overseas and have created the whole scene for it in Scotland or wherever and are the type of customer that keeps us in business but you’re never ever going to be able to afford the trip to central Indiana of all places? Tough luck, maybe someone will put it up on eBay and you can spend five times as much for it!”

    Seriously, if you have crowd anxiety, don’t even bother trying to navigate through the dealers. Between the lines and people randomly stopping because of whatever shiny thing caught their attention (“OMG! Custom Dr. Who My Little Pony Wristlet!”), its like an hour of fighting my instinct to punch my way free of the crowd to go from one side to the other.

    As long as I’m being a jerk to GenCon, let me also say that the pricing model is insane to me. If you’re planning a gaming convention, just pick one: charge for daily admission or charge for tickets to individual events, not both. You know what people who come out to a con spontaneously want to do? Wait in a long line to pay a bunch of money just to get in, then wait in an equally long line to attempt to pay a bunch of money to get into the events they want. Maybe you’ll just get generic tickets, that means you get to stalk around a giant convention looking for tables that have a missing player, only to get booted out a half hour in when Mr. Planned the Whole Con in Advance shows up because his plan didn’t account for walking from one side of downtown Indy to the other between events.

    Yeah, I’m probably just bitter, I’m sure the con great for anyone that isn’t irritated by the things that drive me nuts about it (or who actually plan the thing out in elaborate detail in advance). Sorry for the rant.

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