Feng Shui – System Mastery 73

feng shui cover

This game was about as good as everyone told us it would be.  “Don’t cover it” they said.  “It’s not even for you guys.”  Well we showed them, those guys I just made up.  Feng Shui is an action movie RPG where you’re basically supposed to constantly do the most badass thing you can all the time until you die or win.  It’s very neat.  Please enjoy.

5 responses to “Feng Shui – System Mastery 73

  1. Partway through, and a couple of comments : a) my top karaoke rule is “if you haven’t gone up to the mic, you have NO right to comment on the quality of the singing” and b) Feng Shui’s 19th-century setting isn’t supposed to be steampunk, but the British colonial period in China. Foreign invaders, class-conflict and culture shock made that period a fruitful setting for Hong Kong adventure films. Now, I will finish listening and find out how you’ve already addressed this . . .

  2. Feng Shui was the very first game I ever hated, way back before Savage Worlds or FATE existed (though I recall thinking that FUDGE was stupid, when I heard about it).

    You never even mentioned the narrative control angle, though, or how the GM is encouraged to not describe the environment in order to afford players the maximum agency to swing on chandeliers and upend the furniture.

  3. I would recommend looking into Feng Shui 2 if you want to run your own games as it takes out all of the weird balance nonsense by just getting rid of derived stats and cleaning up the way the game plays in general.

  4. I will say one problem with the system is that it doesn’t really scale. Feng Shui is a game that expects a short campaign with pretty much everyone dead at the end, if you go longer the costs start to become prohibitive following the XP rules as written. Our campaign ran for like 2 years and I could not afford new gun shticks. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad system, otherwise I wouldn’t have played it that long, but it’s maybe not immediately obvious.

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