Movie Mastery – Howard the Duck (1986)

Howard Poster

It was 1985, and with two years separating George Lucas from Return of the Jedi, it was a sure bet the world was his oyster, and he could make any movie he wanted.  No license would be denied him, no actor could possibly turn him down.  He was the brightest star in the sky, and so naturally he decided to turn to the Sal Mayerik/Steve Gerber 1972 creation that no one had ever heard of, Howard the Duck.  And here it is.

2 responses to “Movie Mastery – Howard the Duck (1986)

  1. Howard’s condom is also dumb because, man. That would not cover a duck’s dick.

    Duck’s dicks are fucking terrifying.

  2. He’s an anthro duck, not a feral regular earth duck and has same genitals like humans as i’ve seen plenty of furry artwork and know what i’m talking about.

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