Testament D20 – System Mastery 74

Testament D20

Okay, we were getting a little too friendly about games and movies around here, it was high time we picked something to straight up laugh at.  This is Testament, the best idea for a D20 supplement with more than one feat for farmers ever.

9 responses to “Testament D20 – System Mastery 74

  1. If the Farmer class guarantees proper sacrificial cattle, I’m guessing that’s the class Abel belongs to? (As well as Cain before he lost piety and the GM made him take the Vampire template)

  2. To be fair to the game, those 25 lb. Torahs are probably the special copies (Sefer Torah) meant for synagogue service. Though I otherwise agree that this has significant problems with how it wants to present Literally D&D in Biblical Times without much thought of usability. (Monster Manuals skewed towards low-level enemies for a reason.)

  3. I get the feeling this is not supposed to be played like D&D and more like a long term generational campaign, where a session represents a month or a year of game time. Between these long stretches, you’re going to sim-city your followers, and occasionally fight in wars or against mighty beasts with the goal of serving your god.

    Now d20 *is* a terrible system for that, but the OGL craze made every studio go “make it d20 compatible, it’ll sell more that way,” even if it made no sense.

  4. ‘ The Khu, sweet bird of night, with luminous wings and a head of light, flies across the full moon . . .
    . . . a born-again redneck raises his shotgun . . . “Stinkin Khu!” ‘

    – Seven Souls, William S. Burroughs

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