New Point – Afterthought 31

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We discuss the notion of RPGs that greatly diverge from even the most basic concepts of the genre.  No going on adventures?  Not even playing a character?  Why not?  Then we also answer a metric crapload of questions.   The most questions, one might even say.

14 responses to “New Point – Afterthought 31

  1. Great podcast and hilarious intro!

    That NES game you’re thinking of is Hudson’s Adventure Island. And, yes, it was as terrible as you remembered.

    • Tekumel used percentiles for stats, though the stats were real close to DnD, and it had classes and levels.

  2. When you mentioned Meikyuu Kingdom, you were thinking of Golden Sky Stories. Meikyuu is the one about dungeon crawling on a planet made entirely out of dungeons.

    • I was gonna come post this too, since I was one of the people working the latest attempt to localize Meikyuu and release it in the west. Maybe one day someone will finally get an official English version out there, because it’s a really fun game.

  3. Well, that explains my comment-feed … I’m glad you guys enjoyed it and thanks for the shout-out.

    The Marx Brothers are the best. Duck Soup was the first of their movies I was blessed to see, and I love it.

    Also – are you talking about the Deck of Many Things they had in a Dragon Magazine years ago? I have that thing, too!

    Good choices about the Sentinels. I have yet to play KNYFE or the Sentinels, and now I really want to. Sky Scraper, Captain Cosmic, and Hakka are all among my favorites – predictably, I really like Legacy as well because the generational thing is an interesting way to get to the Captain America/Superman mixup that we have all seen before.

  4. So does nostalgia about this song make me a hipster? Or just an old fart? Or on old hipster fart?
    Or is this the sort of thing the kids are in to these days?

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