Movie Mastery – Mazes & Monsters (1982)


Dare ye enter the magical realm of what filmmakers in the early 80s thought RPGs looked like?  It’s a terrifying world of whiny yuppie children and blaming mental illness on games.

2 responses to “Movie Mastery – Mazes & Monsters (1982)

  1. It’s a little frustrating how Hollywood deals with mental illness. It usually seems to end up with either “Crazy killer” or “Magical person.” And also usually has Neurotypical people dealing with it in extremely unhelpful ways. Like you said, don’t give a guy who’s scared and alone in a big city directions. Tell them to stay put and have someone they can trust come help.

    The real question I have is how likely could one try to reteach his new persona how the world works, as that’s the interesting part. Could one educate his new persona to function somewhat normally in society, or does he need someone to care for him forever?

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