Bunnies & Burrows – System Mastery 68

bunnies and burrows s

This game has achieved a sort of fame because the name implies that it might be sort of friendly and cuddly.  It’s been referenced in other games as the RPG you should seek out if you’re looking for an easy time.  Like the training wheels of games.  Well let me tell you now, what they called training wheels in 1976 is what we’d call “not punching your kid for falling off the bike” now.  This game may only be 39 pages long, but 39 is also the number of minutes you can expect your rabbit to live.  It’s Bunnies & Burrows, and nature is red in tooth and saving throw.

14 responses to “Bunnies & Burrows – System Mastery 68

  1. When you guys cut to a clip, it just goes to dead air. I thought this was the joke, but then the music started playing when you started talking again. Kind of a cacophony, which is a shame because I’d like to hear more about playing as a talking rabbit?!?!

    • Thanks for letting us know. The episode is fixed now! That broken section, where we admit this is the first game we’ve reviewed where Dexterity isn’t the best stat, has been restored.

      • Wow, that was fast! Is this kind of prompt service what I can expect from my local Cheese Dudes?

      • We’re quick like 30 feet a minute bunnies around here. Cheese Dudes of course still operates under the famous “We don’t make it til you order it and then we probably still don’t make it” motto they debuted in 1935 so they aren’t quite as fast as us. They’ve still never sent us a check for all the advertising, for example.

  2. So glad you guys covered this.

    You should watch Watership Down, either for Movie Mastery, or just because. It’s… really out there. I think I’ve suggested it (multiple times) for Movie Mastery already, so maybe it’s on the list?

  3. It’s interesting for the historical context, if nothing else. And it’s kind of surprising where they went with the whole herbalism and empathic healing thing.

    I was surprised that you were able to pad it out to an hour, so good job on that.

    • Aw heck I think we’ve proven our bona fides in the arena of padding episodes. Why some say we once did it for a solid hour to avoid talking about 7th Sea! Purely a rumor though.

  4. Good episode. I had the version of this game for GURPS. It came out in the early 1990s. It worked a lot better than those odd rules. I never found anyone who wanted to play it, even when I had a great idea of crossing it with GURPS: Cyberpunk, gearing up the bunnies, and going on a wolf hunt.

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