Oops, All Plugs – Afterthought 29

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We’re joined this week by friend of the show James D’Amato, who is here to tell us all about his new kickstarter for Paracosm Press’ new game, Noisy Person Cards.  The kickstarter for this game, which sounds pretty cool to us, will launch on April 11, so go support that soon!  Not to be outdone, other friend of the show David Schirduan has already launched his 200 Word RPG Challenge, which will run through April 16, so get your entries in now!  …Oh, and we answer a lot of listener questions.  You know what Afterthought is, right?

6 responses to “Oops, All Plugs – Afterthought 29

  1. The Noisy cards sound like a bad idea. The people who aren’t comfortable with character voices are the same people who don’t know what a “lizardfolk” is. It just makes those type uncomfortable and otherwise don’t want to play.
    This is the difference between making a nerdy game and a Steve Jackson game. I don’t have to know what an Elf is to play an Elf card in Munchkin.

    All the same, I hope I am wrong as I like the concept anyhow.

    • I agree that it sounds like a bad idea, and I would personally not want to be within 100 feet of the product for fear that it might be used unexpectedly, but who am I to argue with the free market economy of Kickstarter?

    • Pretty sure you don’t need to know what a lizardfolk is to guess what it is. It’s a lizard person. How does a lizard person sound? Most people can make up their own idea of that.

      Also, something else.might have been said in this episode, but from what i heard of NPC before, it’s mostly for people who are in the know of rpgs already, and who could explain any confusion to others playing. It’s mostly to practice your npc voices too. Or just have wacky fun.

      From a sales srandpoint, I can’t imagine it getting as big as monopoly of course, but I think it has its own market.

    • I spent an amusing few hours a couple weeks ago teaching some deep-hippy Burning Man folks to play Doctor Magnethands. They only knew the name D&D and nothing else about RPGs. One of them immediately came up with a voice and personality for a card that just said “La-ZAR” on it, and ran with that for like twenty minutes. I mean he adopted a sort of Kurt Russel badass persona and a backstory about how he was raised by lasers. One of our other listeners apparently just drove around Alaska and taught some Tlingit kids to play it. I think the talent to RP is there in most folks if they want.

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