Not Exactly 7th Sea – System Mastery 66


April Fools!  This is really more about an hour of digressions.  People keep asking what the point is, so here’s the point of that.  Actually have you ever seen the movie “The Point?”  That was weird, right?  Just that wobbly 70s line-art cartoon style you see in stuff like Pink Panther and occasional sex-ed cartoons, and a bunch of stuff designed to encourage you to think for yourself.  Sorta boring, honestly.  So yeah, the basic concept behind the April Fools joke was… y’know what I’ve noticed over the past few years is more people complaining about April Fools then people actually doing any April Fool’s thing.  I assume that’s more about the rise of meme-language.  Not that many people actually legitimately hate April Fool’s but anyone will share any image that has a minion in it.  That seems reasonable.  Hey, look at this clip.  Okay, I think that about wraps it up.

While there’s certainly reams of dirt to dish on the author of 7th Sea, there’s no getting around his raw talent for game design.  Jon Wick’s 7th Sea is a swashbuckling adventure game that more or less hits all the notes we want to see in a game.  Heck, even the entry for the seduction knack leaves “the opposite sex” out of there.  But are there cracks in the polish?  With the recent amazing success of the new 7th Sea Kickstarter, we find the original edition right in our crosshairs.  Enjoy!

18 responses to “Not Exactly 7th Sea – System Mastery 66

  1. That improv near the end reminded me of the guy who works on Rick and Morty whom I can’t remember the name of. Was that intentional? Either way, great episode.

  2. Eh ? Ummm. Ummmm,,, This was an interesting pastiche or whatever, but can you label the actual reviews vs show pieces please ?

  3. Was this supposed to be an April’s Fools thing? Was 7th Sea really requested thus why you won’t review it? I don’t get the joke.

  4. Hey don’t mean to be a douche or anything but in rural areas/small towns the houses in the Goonies are not super expensive, especially not before the housing bubble of the early 2000s. So the movie was probably just a small town being enveloped by a gentrified urban area.

    • So really that movie could be construed to be about the death gasps of the American Dream? About a period in time where we transitioned from people being able to provide for their families by the strength of their training to people only being able to provide through literal old money? I like that a lot better. You are no douche, sir.

  5. Holy crap, best episode ever. I was listening at the grocery store on headphones, trying my damnedest not to laugh out loud, tears just running down my face.. good shit.

    And yeah, agreeing with Alex, those houses were probably pretty affordable, and were probably purchased when American families could afford that shit on a single person’s income.

  6. Great review, guys! There were a couple points I didn’t quite agree with, namely the balance of fencing styles, but it’s nice to hear you guys give a focused, concise review of a game with so much material.

  7. Maaaaybe release your April Fools episode in the 1st instead of the 31st? Non-Regulars, like myself, might not have wasted our time with this “joke” had we noticed this wasn’t a legitimate episode.

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