Movie Mastery: Now Playing – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



We’ve had it as a stretch goal on the Patreon for a while and since we were getting close, we’ve decided to give you a little taste of what you could be in store for in the near future. The dark, gritty Movie Mastery reboot where there are no jokes and we only record the sound of dark grey and blue.

9 responses to “Movie Mastery: Now Playing – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  1. I got to the end of your spoiler free section and now I am torn. Unlike you gentlemen- and you are certainly free to your opinions on it- I really enjoyed Man of Steel so maybe I’ll enjoy this despite your recommendation. On the other hand, I’ve been pretty certain this film would be garbage from the moment it was announced, and just about every trailer and press release only strengthened that suspicion.

  2. Good news guys. There is a Batman vs Superman porn parody and it came out like a year ago. The plot is more coherent than this shit.

  3. I didn’t promise you assholes a crisp anything.

    You’ll get a soft, floppy $20 and you’ll like it.

  4. You should put these on your system mastery patreon. I didn’t even know these existed, I bet a lot of people on there haven’t seen them either.

    • That is definitely the plan. We had been waiting til we go monthly instead of per episode in June/July, but I think we can get them over there earlier instead.

  5. I’ve got a very justice lords vibe from that bunch. Seriously, I have never been a fan of Batman or Superman as characters but they def. deserve better.
    DC live action movies are about 10 times worse then their animation script-wise – why does it happen ? Who knows…

  6. Well, I saw it. You guys are spot on. There’s a lot more wrong with it but you only had the hour. I actually shed tears in the scene where Clark is giving up … it wasn’t until later that I realized it wasn’t good cinema – I was watching the world’s greatest superhero get dismantled on film.

    I guess the least we can do is thank Zack Snyder for showing the world just how stupid a fight between Superman and Barman really is.

    Let me ask you this, though. Is this the movie we asked for? With all our deconstructive criticisms and claims that Kal L is too perfect and boring? With Batman and his recent descent into being more and more of a prick? Did Snyder try to confront us with the way our cynicism has killed our heroes? Much like when we complain about the politicians we vote for, are we just getting the film we deserve?

    Maybe a question for afterthought. Thanks for the review, guys.

  7. Hey guys, for the sake of the next few DC movies, the woman who plays Wonder Woman is Israeli, not French. You should be pronouncing the “t” in her name.

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