Movie Mastery – A Talking Cat!?!

talking cat poster


The second internet famously bad movie we’ve gotten in a row. Only we know something no other reviewer knows. We know the dark secret that surrounds the filming location of A Talking Cat!?! We understand that it could have been so, so much worse.

4 responses to “Movie Mastery – A Talking Cat!?!

  1. -Apparently this did in fact have the same director as Frankenqueen (David DeCoteau). He just took a pseudonym to distance this from his more standard fare of horror B-movies. And this wasn’t even the first pseudonym he took as a director of whatever schlock a studio will pay him for*; he’s previously used names like “Ellen Cabot” and “Victoria Sloan”.
    -I’m guessing that you’re riffing on The Cat from Outer Space when making a prediction about the cat potentially being an alien?
    -I went back to listen to the Frankenqueen podcast after listening to this. Your review of such a terrible movie is interesting, but it ends with about 75 minutes of mostly silent audio after the actual content of said review.

    *This is exactly his deal, in fact. “I always wanted to make what I could sell. So I just promised myself that I would not be set in my ways. If somebody said, ‘Look, we need a horror film, we need a creature feature, we need a Western, we need a period costume drama,’ I was able to put it together pretty quickly.”

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