Movie Mastery – Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985)

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Yes, I know this is the second one.  We roll randomly, remember?  We’ll get to Caravan of Courage at some point.  Today, Movie Mastery covers the best Star Wars movie with Wilford Brimley and a mutant Flash Rabbit in it.  Journey back to 1985 with us, and try to remember a time when people were so starved for Star Wars content that they’d watch this.

2 responses to “Movie Mastery – Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985)

  1. “Charal was a Force-wielding Nightsister who turned her back on the sisterhood and left her homeworld of Dathomir. Before getting off the planet for good, she stole the Talisman of the Raven, a prized artifact that allowed her to metamorphose into a bird known as a raven. The other witches called Charal a traitor and sought to feed her to their rancors, a species of ferocious predators. Charal spent decades trying to escape her pursuers and ultimately joined a band of Sanyassan Marauders, who were themselves being hunted down by law enforcement agencies. Their vessel crashed on the uncharted Forest Moon of Endor, where a Sanyassan warlord known as Terak set himself up as King, appointing Charal as his second-in-command.” –

    It goes on like this… You should totally read the entry on Teek, too. Particularly the behind the scenes stuff which is just hilarious. “The character was initially a puppet, but Wilford Brimley—who played the part of Noa—objected to the idea of working with a puppet, and often called on crewmember Niki Botelho to stand in his line of sight while he spoke with Teek.”

  2. Hah! I love your theories about ewoks. That stiff about them weaponizing everything in sight had me in tears.

    Like Jeff I have a soft spot on my heart for this film. Happy to see it get a high rating.

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