Pure Madness – Afterthought 27

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How do you build a game so that when you release extra content, you aren’t just rendering the first book obsolete?  Just how far ahead do you really have to do the math?  Also, we answer the ultimate question, never before answered except in every single RPG ever published.  You’ll figure it out.

12 responses to “Pure Madness – Afterthought 27

  1. People call themselves PC all the time, it’s just the new word for it is “Social Justice”.

  2. Where did this weird idea come from that ‘friendzone’ has something to do with feeling like you’re owed sex? It’s just wanting sex and being frustrated when the relationship is not moving in that direction. Are people not allowed to want to fuck?

    • Back before the entitled jerks got ahold of it, I was led to understand that “friendzone” was the specific situation where one was treated as a significant other in all but romantic situations (usually where “gifts” were encouraged) and/or when it was broadly hinted that a friendship *could* develop into a romance (but never does).

  3. I remember my local FLGS had an unofficial policy of: “ID required for Yu-Gi-Oh card purchase – if you are over 16 we will not sell to you.” I’m sure it was a joke?

  4. God, I don’t really know if I should comment on this, as it’s pretty deep cut, I’m not really sure how to answer the Great Ghoul’s question but now is probably the easiest way to get into transwomen (hehe), since hormone availability is allowing transpeople to transition earlier and earlier, combined with facial feminization surgery advances, so they look more passable as women. I mean, dude should be googling “Bailey Jay” or “Sarina Valentina” if you want to see transwomen who are better looking and more attractive to cisgender heteronormative males than most Genuine Girls. It’s also important to remember that there’s even performers who are “giving transwomen” like super-feminine Sarina or the Barbie-like Kimber James (who has fully transitioned at this point) and “taking transwomen” like “white Grace Jones” Dani Daniels, because there’s certain appeals to having sex with transwomen AND getting fucked by transwomen.

    That or start with futanari porn and work your way up into the live-action stuff.

  5. The Batman vs Joker example was entirely unexpected. I was almost certain that you were about to describe every fight between Deadpool and The Taskmaster.

  6. The term Political Correctness was always derogatory. It hasn’t been co-opted. Of course no one who is politically correct calls themselves that. The idea behind the phrase is that it has little or nothing to do with what is actually correct, but rather what is dictated by peer pressure. It’s POLITICALLY “correct.” It’s groupthink.

    I see it complained about less to justify racist jokes and more to call out people for being obsessively judgmental assholes; the kind of person who says it’s a “microagression” to call American ‘The Land of Opportunity.” …Or people who are already so privilege that they had to invent the concept of microagressions in order to still feel persecuted.

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