Movie Mastery – Foodfight!

Foodfight! cover


Celebrity voices and product placement come together with the cheapest animation possible to create a devastating whirlwind, the outcome of which is the shittiest movie imaginable. Prepare to be amazed at a movie that fails in every conceivable fashion: Foodfight!

5 responses to “Movie Mastery – Foodfight!

    • Cheese Dudes may have a “Do Not Rescuscitate” bracelet taped to their health code score in the window and rats so content and unchallenged that they’ve had time to develop a complex religion involving a bubbling-oil Valhalla, but it still has some standards and wisely avoided this garbage scow.

  1. You mentioned that this wasn’t the worst rating you’ve given a film in Movie Mastery. Which one merited a zero? I would likely remember if there weren’t so many to choose from.

  2. As an overt Francophobe, I wish to protest. Charles DeGaulle was not part of the weak-willed Vichy regime that capitulated to the Nazis. Marshal Petain was. DeGaulle was the leader of the “Free French” and commanded the French army under the Allied banner. He got to be the head of the Fifth French Republic because he kicked Nazi teeth in. Still a miserable, smelly Frenchman, but not a Nazi sympathizer.

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