The Great War of Magellan- System Mastery 65


So… this one didn’t really have any art assets large enough to use for the rotating display thing.  Please enjoy a fine Magellanic Penguin.  It’s as relevant as anything else would have been.  This game is about a big war in space between the evilloids and the goodites.  It was written by a fellow who starred in the 70s Battlestar Galactica.  There’s a surprising amount of information about agriculture.  Have a good time!

5 responses to “The Great War of Magellan- System Mastery 65

  1. Richard Hatch had made a few embarrassing attempts at trying to do his won BSG reboot in the ’90s, but I think pretty much gave up trying on getting some sort of science fiction media empire thing when he got a recurring role on the BSG remake as Tom Zarek, President Roslin’s political rival. Dude had more appearances than Lucy Lawless, Dean Stockwell, or Michelle Forbes. I think he finally settled by being in a science fiction program that last longer than a single season.

  2. I found the bit at the end funnier than I probably should have. Are you fans of/familiar with Not Comedy, the art of making people not-laugh by deconstructing comedy into tiny absurdist chunks? If so, do you consider Norm Macdonald to be the best Not-Comedian?

  3. Hey guys! Thanks for the show, now I don’t have to buy this to know how crappy it is. On the other hand, I know a few games I’ve bought that have a better setting than game system. Do y’all think this setting is salvageable? What system do you think would work best with it?

  4. So where did you think this one fall:?- boring trifle or fun-hating deathslog? I ended up inclined to think it was a fun-hating deathslog, on the basis that it more or less tells you that you can’t be the awesome thing, and makes you spend a resource for a chance to be that thing, but, it may or not deliver on a random (that is to say an arbritary) basis,

    Much like the original Storm Bringer book, where you put out characteristic POW out as your stake and roll against a chance that you can be a sorcerer. The more you wager, the more the greater chance you have, but it’s never 100%, so the more you lose if you roll over the percentile chance. Now that was a diabolical mechanic. Or trying to be a psionic in in Traveller, which was also mean-spirited b*llsh*t, in several other ways as well. Wagering your life for the possibility for worthwhile skill ratings and the chance of a Free Trader or Type-S Scout as a mustering out benefit for example. Or the variable amount of development points spendable the chance for spell list acquisition in RoleMaster.

    I was present for a character generation session of a Storm Bringer game the didn’t end up happening. A guy rolled an 18 POW on 3d6, ante-ed up all but 3 of it, for a 75% chance and rolled over 75. He didn’t want to play after that.

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