Dragonball Z Anime Adventure Game – System Mastery 64


It took us a long time to get to this book because we were gathering power.  This week we present our in-depth analysis of this RPG about gathering balls.  It’s Dragonball Z, the Anime Adventure Game, also available as a wall scroll or plastic maquette!

10 responses to “Dragonball Z Anime Adventure Game – System Mastery 64

  1. About that “why can Chi-chi hit Goku” thing, there’s actually a plot point in one of the newer movies that Goku doesn’t bother to keep his magical super-defences going unless he’s in the middle of a fight. So I guess that’s how.

      • To be fair, it IS a corkscrew blast. They may have been a sub or raw watcher as well, and came up with something to replace its original name “Demonic Piercing Light Murder Gun”.

  2. There is a definitive answer to the goku v superman question. The characters are presented as being nearly identical in power level but superman has no protection against magic so goku would win. That being said that is not the correct answer, the correct answer is they would be best friends.

    • Goku isn’t magic. Ki is pure fighting spirit, with absolutely nothing supernatural going on. You just train really hard, and then you can fly. It’s a simple matter of physics.

      The Juggernaut could easily defeat Superman, though.

  3. I did a review of this for the last F&F thread, and pointed out my favorite dumbass thing in this game: it’s really likely that at some point, you will hard lock a tabletop game.

    When an energy blast hits a deflection, any points of deflection in excess of the power put into the blast are reflected at the attacker, no attack roll needed. It just hits. If Hot Noodles throws 150 points of blue lasers at Chillin, and Chillin has 250 points of deflection up, a 100 point blast is sent right back at Hot Noodles.

    Here’s the problem: let’s say Hot Noodles also has a 250 point deflection up. The 100 point blast that comes back to him hits his own deflection, and a 150 point blast gets sent back to Chillin. Deflections don’t lower in power as they get hit, so Chillin’s force field exists until he volunteers to drop it, gets hit by a physical attack, or gets hit by a blast that’s more than 250 points.

    Since the blast bouncing back and forth will never get through either character’s deflection, and there’s no roll to hit or dodge a reflected blast, time stops forever because the game can’t move on until Infinite Death Tennis is resolved, but it never will be.

    I love this shitty, unplayable game so much as an example of thinking about your mechanics when you write a game.

  4. I never got these nerd arguments of who can beat up who.

    One, it’s always heroes fighting heroes, so why would they fight? Aren’t they supposed to be on the same side? Aren’t they basically sympatico?

    Two, there’s no standardized measurement. We can say that a Curtiss P-40 can outdive and, in the hands of a First American Volunteer Group pilot, probably defeat a Japanese Zero. Comic book heroes, on the other hand, are fictional, and their powers and fighting ability usually boil down to “whatever the plot needs right now”.

    Besides, everyone knows that One Punch Man can kick everyone’s ass.

  5. Power Levels are actually a lot closer to D&D’s Challenge Rating system in that Power Level is a rough ballpark estimate of how strong Joe Shmoe from Kokomo is and doesn’t account for things like tactics, environment, circumstance, lucky dice rolls and so on. The fact that the author didn’t pick up on this at all and decided to make Power Level similar to a mana or spell point system instead is amusingly stupid to me.

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