Horrortoberfest Day 1 – Goth (2009)


The first film of Horrortoberfest season is always a special one.  The leaves on the trees are changing and the songs of merriment fill the air as laughing children dash towards Spirit stores to be disappointed at 2010’s dustiest merchandise.  “Charlie Sheen costumes?” they’ll exclaim with confusion.  Anyway this year the first film of the horror season is Goth.  It’s sort of a horror movie.  Not much though, mostly because genres cost money.

2 responses to “Horrortoberfest Day 1 – Goth (2009)

  1. Hooray!

    Goth holds a special place in my heart, because I’d seen shit like Animorphs ripoffs here or there, but never really dove into bottom-barrel schlock for my regular movie nights until, for some reason, I just grabbed Goth. I’m glad, too, because a lot of other Brain Damage films (which I’ve seen far too many of) are interminable. That sad hooker nudity really set me on a wondrous journey into the depths of cinema.

    The copy you have was bought for $1 from a Blockbuster as the whole chain was going out of business.

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