Fireborn – System Mastery 53

fireborn preview

Have you ever felt like you weren’t just this shell you are now?  That perhaps within you lurks something ancient, something fierce and fiery?  Well, it’s true!  Also, you should stop eating at Chipotle.  This week we cover Fireborn, the famous FFG outing in which various self-absorbed London dorks discover that they are dragons on the inside and then start doing some sort of loosely defined thing in a mad dash to become dragons on the outside too!

One response to “Fireborn – System Mastery 53

  1. “Eight months backlog”… bloody hell. Guess that’s why you haven’t done those RPGs I suggested for you back in April.

    Anyway, I saw this crappy 50’s Italian horror movie on my local public access channel night before last, called “Atom Age Vampire”. It’s public domain, so you can watch it on YouTube.

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