Thanks! – Afterthought 12

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This week we’re in a bit too goofy of a mood to even really dig useful information out of ACE Agents.  So this episode is basically a party.  We answer a lot of questions and are generally convivial.  Enjoy!

10 responses to “Thanks! – Afterthought 12

  1. I’d imagine that a Power Rangers RPG would be best to use something like the Apocalypse World engine, except the playbooks are labelled “Red Banger”, “Pink Ranger”, and “Black Ranger”.

  2. I posted on the OneShot facebook page that you guys wanted to be in a game, and they said that they just need to figure out scheduling with you guys. So talk it up with them!

    Also, I think you really could make a Wowzers t-shirt, but you would have to be subtle about it. Like just have a cartoon dog with the tagline “Nope, didn’t happen.” or “Can’t find any evidence!”

  3. Man, Planescape and Rifts. We could have done so much gaming in the 90s. Still have my books/boxes. Still think they’re some of the best settings.

    Also, Dino Riders! The 90s, guys! the 90s!!

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