Movie Mastery – The Day After

The Day After

Are you sufficiently frightened of nuclear attack?  This TV movie dares ask the question “How will global thermonuclear war affect a young Steve Guttenberg?”  Now fill your family condom with popcorn and sit a spell so Jason Robards can spin you a yarn of cold war terror!

8 responses to “Movie Mastery – The Day After

  1. Good episode,

    My recommendation for next time is Captain America from 1979, if you’ve seen that one recently, maybe one of the sequels

    I remember reading that as you get larger bombs, the initial burst of gamma radiation does not scale up in size as fast as the thermal and blast effects, meaning that with you’re larger thermonuclear weapons, if you’re close enough to get radiation poisoning (from the intial burst, as opposed to fallout from a ground burst), you’ve already been likely killed the blast and/or thermal effects.

  2. I’m surprised this has never come up before, because I remember this film vividly when it debuted on ABC. How old are you guys? I will say in it’s defense that a lot of nuclear warfare data that you speak off wasn’t fully available at the time of it’s broadcast, so yeah, EMP knocking out the nationwide power grid was a believable threat to most people. And, BTW, the chickenhawk that scared this movie scared the most was Ronnie Reagan himself.

    This movie also got conservatives’ panties in a knot (Ben Stein in particular) that they clamored for equal time and they largely got it in the form of another ABC miniseries that you guys should probably review, if it’s indeed available, named “Amerika”, which posits an America that has been occupied by Russian/Warsaw Pact peacekeeping force following a bloodless Soviet coup de’tat.

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