A.C.E. Agents – System Mastery 49


Today we introduce you to a light and relatively witty GI Joe parody from around 1992.  A.C.E. Agents manages a very unusual balancing act of both satirizing and explaining the workings of a JOE-style secret agency, while still remaining at least a somewhat playable game.  Sadly no rules in there for what happens when you take your little fight man and wind him up via the rubber band in his torso to create a little punchcopter.

5 responses to “A.C.E. Agents – System Mastery 49

  1. The reason why it doesn’t raise your skill level when you raise the associated stat is because skills get more expensive when they reach those absolute thresholds.

    If it costs four times as many points to raise a skill that’s over 80, then they don’t want people to buy a skill up to 80 (cheaply) and then raising the linked stat for those last 20 points. It’s an anti-min-max math measure.

  2. At least a few times, the Joes had to infiltrate places undercover. Does the game reference the horror/supernatural elements in the cartoon at all? Cause that’s definitely a thing that happens as time goes on in the cartoon, culminating with G.I. Joe: The Movie, having full-on hidden pulp horror serpent men in secret Himalayan caves. Sounds like an actually decent system, though. The inability to be “the tank driver” is kinda weird, since like….forty of 160-some action figures are just [Vehicle name] driver and that’s it.

    • *The infiltration might explain the skill list, they’re trying to cross things up with some espionage.

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