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Wizards Poster

Is this really a movie about a fat little wizard and his nearly-nude fairy companion trying to defeat a Nazi wizard leading an army of mutants against an army of elves, set 10 million years from now?  It is.  Does all that craziness add up to anything good?  It does not.  Let’s talk about Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards!

9 responses to “Movie Mastery – Wizards

  1. I saw this in the theater. And if you want good Bakshi animation watch Coonskin or Heavy Traffic or his Mighty Mouse series.

  2. My wife and our friends and roommates went on a “bad movie marathon” for a while after college, trying to watch adorably bad movies and MST3K them ourselves. I’d received Wizards as a gift (hilariously, from my grandmother, when I was eight years old) and I suggested it. (I’d only seen it once before, and didn’t QUITE remember how bad it was.)

    Two of my friends made us pause halfway through because they “weren’t high enough to handle this.” Another nearly gave himself alcohol poisoning trying to distract himself through the film.

    Remind me to send you guys something GOOD to make up for this suggestion. You’ve earned it.

  3. God, I rented this as a kid when I was just old enough to know I liked breasts, and this cartoon seemed to promise that. Even as a 12 year old I knew this was some crap. Just boring, confused, crap.

  4. Few people know this, but the movie is a mash-up and tribute to Vaughn Bode’. He wrote and illustrated two underground comic series in the late 60’s to mid 70’s. Cheech Wizard and Cobalt-60.
    Do a google image search and you will find what looks like “Wizards” stills from a few years before the film was made.
    The impressive thing about the movie was how well Bakshi copied
    Vaughn Bode’.

  5. I can definitely see the Carlin comparison for Avatar, but when I originally watched the movie as a teenager I always thought he had way more of a Peter Falk vibe to him. I always expected him to double back after he went offscreen to tell another character “One more thing…”

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