But What IS Satire? – Afterthought 11

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There is a slight chance we reviewed a game that is essentially a prank on reviewers.  We’re willing to own up to that and deal with it like the kind of responsible adults that create a Duckman RPG just so that our April Fool’s joke isn’t a lie.  This week, we discuss the role of satire in game publishing, then answer a million great user questions and discuss the results of the previous Afterthought poll!

4 responses to “But What IS Satire? – Afterthought 11

  1. One minor correction:
    New York was not invented my “Sanskrit mystics”. Mark Helprin made it all up in 1983.
    Easy enough mistake to make though.

    • I had to go back and listen to remember this one. Mark Helperin you say? I would have thought the whole thing was just invented as a place for Godzilla to destroy when Hollywood was trying to copy Japan in the 60s.

      • Winter’s Tale (the book): A story of New York as it coulda, shoulda, mighta been. Or is. Lush prose regarding the mythic city and it’s inhabitants in all their glory and squalor.

        Do not accept as substitute:

        Winter’s Tale (the movie): Might make for a decent Movie Mastery, but man I hate to recommend people watch the incoherent film adaptation instead of reading the book.

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