Fifth Cycle – System Mastery 47

fifth cycle

Who likes their fantasy with a shot of heartbreaker and a dirt-farming sidecar?  Maybe with a splash of podcast host bitters?  This week we cover Fifth Cycle, a thoroughly confusing game about wizard archaeologists where you hope like crazy to play as a wizard archaeologist and not a farmer.

Let us know what you thought of Fifth Cycle in the comments!  Have a book you’d us to cover?  Let us know about that too.

11 responses to “Fifth Cycle – System Mastery 47

  1. A question for Afterthought, inspired by the camping example.

    What is your favorite sleepover experience?
    Hard mode: the lewder the better.

  2. I played in a long-running Pathfinder game with a GM who insisted on critical failure auto-decapitation (roll a 1, followed by a 1, followed by any number that would have been a failure on the original check) and critical success auto-kill (same thing, but with natural 20s followed by a success).

    Over the course of eight months, three PCs were auto-killed by enemies, four PCs decapitated themselves in the course of attacking, and one solo monster was auto-killed in the first round.

    And then I stopped playing that game, because even for Pathfinder, that is complete shenanigans.

    • Yeah, that’s basically turning your game into a weird beheading cartoon.

      It’s funny how much DMs and books invest in complex crit charts, given how unlikely any given result on them is to turn up during a series of play sessions. It’s practically like planning around which lotto you’ll win (or horribly lose.)

  3. Why is a 90% success rate for Stealth considered to be so unreliable that it’s useless? How high would it need to be, in order to be considered useful?

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