Tolerance and So On – Afterthought 9

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With the forward march of civil rights on our minds, it was definitely time to bring the discussion of LGBT values into the arena of old games, new games, and the actions of the folks who play them.  After that, we examine our poll results, answer a ton of questions, and drop a surprising plug for something that isn’t just our Patreon again.

10 responses to “Tolerance and So On – Afterthought 9

  1. Awesome episode gentleman! I loved every minute of it, not that i’m biased or anything. I just wanted to clarify that what I meant by “wish fulfillment” and “special snowflake” was that in fourth edition (which I have played), your character felt like they were of epic level at first level, and they felt so unique it became bland, hence the Syndrome thing, when everyone is super, no one is, which rubbed me the wrong way.

    Also, you hilariously assumed that I was told this by my DM, which is kinda funny because i’m the DM, and I train my loyal players to hate fourth edition.

    Keep making episodes, they always keep me entertained, never stop.

      • Yeah, that is the temper tantrum I’m holding my excitement based on. Kevin Siembieda has done that before. On the plus side it is being done by Pinnacle instead of Palladium, so assuming no tantrums from Siembieda, i’m hopeful.

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