Raven Star – System Mastery 46

Raven Star

Hey, remember the 90s?  Do you look back fondly on Rob Liefeld, X-Force, Reboot-style 3D art, and references to monofilament technology?  Then hoo boy do we have the game for you!  Raven Star is more or less a textbook space heartbreaker, with dwarves, elves … bear men… you get the idea.  Settle in to get all cybed up!

Let us know what you thought of Raven Star in the comments!  Have a book you’d us to cover?  Let us know about that too.

6 responses to “Raven Star – System Mastery 46

  1. Somehow this predates Outlaw Star. I know it’s not an especially unique concept, but I couldn’t help but expect someone to whip out their… caster fun.

  2. As far as heartbreakers go, this one doesn’t seem so bad. I feel like, if someone else really wanted to run a game, I could play a character and it wouldn’t be a terrible experience.

    I mean, contrasted with something like Darkurthe or Fantasy Imperium.

    • Other than the deeply irritating skill system, I think we agree overall. It’s not terrible, it’s just pretty boring. Not much to recommend it over any other space game.

  3. At a guess that extra “+” on the end of equations means “or greater”.

    1d20 + (0.5 * SVB) = 10+
    Means the same as:
    1d20 + (0.5 * SVB) ≥ 10

    If that’s not how it’s being used, then I got nothing.

  4. To be fair, Shadowrun sourcebooks from this era had the same terrible CG guns. Of course, they also had the common sense to not try and make CG characters.

  5. Having read through the book again, because I was bored, it’s worth mentioning that Raven Star is straight up Planet Shadowrun. The formatting of the book is right out of Shadowrun 2E, and it even opens with a definition of “raven” that makes it the direct local equivalent of “shadowrunner”.

    The reason why exo-suits are terrible is that ninety percent of the game is going to take place in corporate office buildings (where they won’t fit) or out in public in the big city (where you’ll get the cops and the army after you). The only time you might get to use one is if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, hunting monsters or assaulting a paramilitary facility, in which case they give the Face character a chance to contribute. That’s why combat monkeys will always go for the implants, even though they’re more expensive and make you crazy. (Exo-suits also make for convenient enemies, to counter the crazy-powerful cybered-up player characters.)

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