Movie Mastery 2 – Dead Heat

dead heat

Treat Williams.  Joe Piscopo.  Vincent Price briefly. The dad from A Christmas Story.  Some 80s ladies.  All that and more crowd the screen searching for glory in the 1988 …hit?  No… offering!  There we go.  The 1988 offering Dead Heat.  We’re trying out our new format for Movie Mastery, and here’s the basics:

1.  We get recommendations from the listeners.
2.  We add those recommendations to a big list.
3.  We select one at random using whatever random method is available.
4.  We watch the trailer, then settle in to discuss what we expect from a film like this.
5.  We watch that film, and gauge our expecations.
6.  We reconvene on the mic to discuss the end results.

Got a film recommendation?  Send it to or tweet it to us at System Mastery.  Bonus points if it’s easy to find, out of theatres, crazy, and cheap!

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