The DM Section – Afterthought 8

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What do you think should be in the DM section?  That’s totally one of the questions we should have asked in the official Afterthought Poll, as mentioned on the show.  Is it?  I have no idea.  Probably not.  This week we have a new sponsor, the DVD and Blu-Ray special edition release of the Dreamworks hit Chubbsy & Fishpockets.   Both come with a digital download code, and the special collector’s pack includes a squeezable bathtime Fishpockets maquette!  Also, we discuss DM sections of books for almost 5 minutes, answer listener questions for the rest, and you know, shenanigans.

7 responses to “The DM Section – Afterthought 8

    • As a recent Patreon subscriber, I can confirm that it’s worth at least a dollar. Character creation tells you a lot about a system, and for a rules junkie like myself, it’s almost more interesting than the actual System Mastery podcast.

    • I think it may be over time, sure. The first one was probably a little raw as we figure out the exact details of how to keep talking while flipping through a book and rolling dice and writing stuff down. Live play show people have some serious skills.

  1. I like these afterthoughts. Should put the link to patrion in all the show notes so its easier to get to though

    • Will do! By the way, you just took us to our third and originally final goal of $100 per episode over on said Patreon, so thanks a bunch! We’re gonna go get real fruit smoothies!

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