The Afterthought Poll

It’s our turn to ask you a few questions, friendly audience of System Mastery!  As mentioned in episode 8 of our Afterthought show, we’ve so much enjoyed answering your questions that we want to return the favor, leading to this, the first Afterthought Audience Poll.  We’re going to gather this information and sell it to cellphone companies report it on the next Afterthought episode.  Settle a few smoldering arguments of ours and let us know what’s best!

11 responses to “The Afterthought Poll

  1. To anyone who picked Greyhwak, you suck!
    Greyhawk is by far the better of those two settings, and anyone who doesn’t agree with me have a different opinion!!

    Last time I was at cheese dudes they didn’t have Mulled Yump Deluxe, I’ve got to to go there more often as its a fantastic place!

    I cried like a walrus when Artax died, it was a horrible life defining moment for me, even now listening about it makes my throat croak up. On the other hand I have no recollection of the Rockbiter scene, so that can’t have been any good at all. Again, opinions may vary, but if you don’t agree with me you’re wrong.

  2. Ok, so I hadn’t actually watched this scene in forever. Anyone that thinks the crushing realization that even your greatest strength is useless in the face of death which leads to fully giving in to depressive suicide isn’t sadder than a dumb horse getting stuck in the mud is wrong about everything.

    • Watching this as a father and a grown up, I can see why it’s such a strong scene. As a child however, him losing his favourite pet/toy hit me harder in a way I could relate.
      So we can conclude that anyone who favoured Rockbiter was a boring nerd child with deep thoughts about existentialism, and the Arthas supporters were the snickering dweebs who never took anything but their toys serious. There is no middle ground, everyone fits in to either of these two boxes!

  3. Raphael is objectively the best turtle (if you are speedrunning Turtles in Time on SNES).

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