Noumenon – System Mastery 45

Noumenon - System Mastery 45

In this installment we discuss the best soul coffin in the shape of a giant bug that solves fundamental metaphysics mysteries in an impossible mansion simulator we’ve ever read.  We cover Noumenon, and the Sarcophoguys that wander the halls of the Silhouette Rouge, which I’m pretty sure is french for “Community College Psychology Class.”

5 responses to “Noumenon – System Mastery 45

  1. I really don’t know how to play this game. I mean, how do you get into character, when you don’t know your past?

    It might make an interesting board game for grad students, or something, but I’m not seeing how it would work as an RPG.

    • One of the bits of DM advice is that players are supposed to start completely blank and develop personalities during the game based on their actions, but even then they should be relatively muted since they are weird communal bugs.

      I don’t know that I’d want to play this game with this backstory. The rules are okay though.

  2. You want Egypt-themed ska, I can’t help you. If funk is an acceptable substitute, look up Here Come The Mummies.

    • I’ll look that up for sure! However, I can help with Egyptian-themed ska, because I always thought the horn segment about 24 seconds into Ghost Town by The Specials was about as ancient Egypty as ska is going to get.

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