Supplement Special – System Mastery 44

Supplement Spectacular

System Mastery 44 – Supplement Special

We’ve received a number of requests since the inception of System Mastery to cover supplementary RPG material and not just core books.  While we love supplements, it’s never really clicked for us exactly which ones to cover and how to do it.  Well, now we’ve got it figured out.  We went back and found a couple supplements to some of the best of our worst.  Haven: City of Violence, and Prime Directive, and we tackle both volumes in a single episode!

Let us know what you thought of these books in the comments!  Have a supplement book you’d us to cover?  Let us know about that too.

Editor’s note:  Indeed, a copy of Skyrealms of Jorune: Gire of Sillipus is already on it’s way to our door.

7 responses to “Supplement Special – System Mastery 44

  1. There’s two rpgs you might want to take a look at.

    There’s In Nomine, which is supposed to use a d666 system, which is something I’ve never seen before or since.

    There’s also the first edition of Ironclaw, in case you want to look at a furry rpg that actually was built to have furries in it, unlike Furry Pirates.

  2. I would love to hear you review “Underground” (the one by Mayfair Games). If you do that, I’ll include a cheesedudes restaurant in the next game I run, so my players can shoot it to pieces…

    (Also, there is a strange difference between the somewhat serious english version of In Nomine and far more satire-like french version)

  3. I’m surprised you’ve never picked up on that Cyrus is probably a reference to The Warriors.

    • Except Cryus from the Warriors was basically the MLK Jr. of gang leaders. He was all about uniting against the man and bringing all the gangs together through speeches on unity. Cyrus from Haven murdered his way to the top and now doesn’t give a shit about anything.

      • You’re correct, but I doubt Louis Porter Junior Esquire saw The Warriors’ Cyrus as anything other than scariest of scary black man. He just merged Cyrus and Nico Brown from New Jack City.

      • He may well have been aiming for a Warriors reference, but the landing wasn’t stuck. In this book in particular, it’s made clear that no one ever sees Cyrus because he never leaves his power base, and people aren’t even sure who he is or what he looks like (this is actually pretty common in Haven apparently, though I think it’s part of an attempt to make it hard for players to just snipe all the powerbrokers). The Warriors Cyrus was actively visible and a figurehead, and while it didn’t work out for him, it played into his character.

        That said, it works if you view this Cyrus as the Warriors guy, but in a world where he survived. After all, he did already unite a bunch of other gangs on Rome Island. The only one I can remember offhand though is the 187 Boyz.

        Now I just want reference points for people like Fear, Wind, and Milkbaby.

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