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We have a little bit more to say about RPG supplements, and then significantly more to say about Beagle Boy costumes and decaying basking sharks.  Then we propose Harry: The Hendersoning which might be the dumbest single White Wolf-like the internet has coughed up yet.  Fan questions abound!

As always, should you have some questions for us at System Mastery, send them to our email or twitter!  If you sent some recently, they’re coming soon!  We had to record this episode early to attend a wedding, so our question log has a little bit of dust on it.

7 responses to “Supplement Supplementary – Afterthought 7

  1. Tenchi Muyo _has_ an RPG. It’s hilarious because one of the sample adventures is entirely set up to get the PCs to murder Mihoshi.

  2. I own both the Tencho Muyo! and Slayers RPGs.

    Slayers is a lot like regular D&D 3.0, except magic is more powerful and flexible, and there’s no daily limit on how many spells you can cast.

  3. Also, a bard in AD&D 2E was a lot like a fast-track wizard who wasn’t as terrible with weapons. Their slower spell progression balanced against their much-faster experience track, so they could cast the same spells but with a higher effective caster level.

  4. Mobile Fighter G Gundam would make an amazing RPG campaign… provided your group understood that what made the show great was how the characters only conformed to national stereotypes in an oblique way, not just “cheese-eating surrender monkey” crap.

    Actually, I recall the FUDGE sourcebook Mecha Aces had one campaign setting that was basically “G Gundam, only it’s racing instead of fighting”, and I REALLY want to run that, except with something that isn’t FUDGE.

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