Rose Colored Glasses – Afterthought 6

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Rose Colored Glasses – Afterthought 6

We’re working hard on setting the record for the least amount of time spent on-topic.  This week we briefly discuss how memory affects our view of gaming, but almost immediately veer off to invent toys and retool the McDonaldland Gang.

This week we’re also rolling out a few t-shirts for sale over at our new TeePublic Storefront.  For the first 72 hours, those shirts can be yours for 14 bucks each.  After that the price will jump to 20, so head over soon and grab those bad boys.  We’ll try to roll out more as we can, so if you want to start submitting fan art so we can profit off your hard work, send us an email!  You can also drop us a line just to tell us what shirts you’d like to see in the future.  For now, the two designs available are listed below, so click either one to visit the store page for it!
Cheese Dudes Circular Pub Logo Small

System Mastery Logo Tee Small

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