The Patreon Pitch

Like every other small-batch content creator of the internet, we want some of your money(via Patreon).  Mostly just so we can keep doing this thing at all.

We’ll level with you, listeners.  We’re both filthy poors.  We’ve been making this podcast a long time and it’s getting increasingly expensive to keep it rolling along.  As we expand and the requests for specific games roll in, we’re presented with interesting challenges.  Reviewing a copy of Ringworld sounds amazing!  Ringworld was a one-print wonder and costs $90.00 on a good day.  We have 40+ amazing episodes to listen to!  That’s 67% of our webhost content limit, and upgrading storage costs a chunk of yearly costs.

We’re actually pretty happy being low class fringe folks.  This was never meant to be a profitable venture.  All we want is to keep doing what we’ve been doing.  A few bucks a year will pay our webhosting fees and maybe even get a few games to review.  Don’t worry about it though, this isn’t a last-ditch effort.  We like our listeners and will just keep plugging along making these if you just keep plugging along and listening to them.

If you want to support System Mastery and help us keep this labor of love from dying off, toss us a dollar on our Patreon page every now and again.  We even have a few reward tiers, including a limited supply of guest sessions on the show!  We’re also talking about t-shirts in the near future, since that seems to be the next logical step for anyone that makes a logo.

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