Stormbringer – System Mastery 38


Episode 38 – Stormbringer

ELRIC!  Thy book is a thousand times more execrable than thou!  Though I have to admit I had this iconic piece of nerd power fantasy confused for the early part of my young life with the other one, Raistlin, this guy is apparently quite pedigreed.  The doomed albino of deficient blood and his evil runesword more or less dominate this book, much to our chagrin.  Can you save the ancient world of Melniboné and the young kingdoms?  Spoiler alert:  no.

Let us know what you thought of Stormbringer in the comments!  Have a book you’d us to cover?  Let us know about that too.

5 responses to “Stormbringer – System Mastery 38

  1. I’m not with you on whining about thee and thou.

    Elric wouldn’t have been speaking modern English. He would have been speaking some language that existed 20 million years ago. The sword, I suppose, would have been speaking an older version of that language. So the best way to represent that is with an older version of modern English.

    • I haven’t listened to this one but I remember saying something like “The sword is probably supposed to be speaking high Melnibonean” so we’re likely in agreement. As it turns out the sword is actually a living demon, so maybe they talk like Elizabethans for the same reason that we keep ascribing Satan to have features that were largely developed in religious art a few hundred years ago.

      Funny story, the sword is later revealed in one of the Elric novels to actually be Satan.

  2. I actually don’t want to play the main characters of licensed games. I don’t want to be Han Solo or the captain from Firefly. I just want to play as my own cool dude in the world of those characters. I want to be Han Solo like after a few adventures and a handful of levels. Start off kind of crappy, but with plenty of opportunity to become awesome without having to play the character forever. So no shit farmer, but just another Conan like guy in whatever licensed fantasy world I’m playing in.

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  4. This book is like the shittiest portrayal of Elric I’ve ever seen. Those Melnobonean potions that keep him strong? He barely ever has enough and spends most of the stories on the verge of physical collapse. The sword? He generally hates it and spends a lot of his time finding ways not to use it.

    Elric is kind of an asshole though.

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