System Mastery 229 – Underworld

Underworld S

Ever had dreams about the world deep below the world you know?  A world where magic and madness swirl, where animals may just speak aloud, a world where the ancient myths of the surface are terrifyingly true?  Did you recently read Neverwhere?  Okay okay, I kid.  This isn’t exactly like Neverwhere.  It’s set in New York!  A 2000 LARP (dear god thank you for that being the year) or tabletop game of adventure in a fantasy landscape deep beneath the big apple.

Announcement Masteries

Fortified Niche – A podcast about the wargames not made by the juggernauts of the wargame industry.  Whether it’s trying and reviewing indie skirmish games like Carnevalle or Zona Alpha, or just commenting on the state of the industry (why so many cheesecake sculpts? Why so little delicious cheesecake?), Fortified Niche covers it all.

Nerdhaus Games presents Heist: Masterminds

Your rivals issued a challenge: Who among you is the biggest name in international thievery? You have to gather a crew, get moving, and make a name for yourself. Without risk, there can be no reward. Keep in mind: “Honor among thieves” is really more of a suggestion.
Nerdhaus Games is heading into card games with this crowdfunding campaign, built off what they’ve learned from years of RPG and tabletop development. Come on down and Find Your Story.”
Heist: Masterminds Campaign:
Nerdhaus RPGs:



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