One response to “Movie Mastery – Snakes on a Plane (2006)

  1. Great episode as usual, just two things.

    1. For guys who are rag on other people for not knowing shit like ‘venomous’ vs ‘poisonous’, how do you not seem to know that the snakes aren’t sucked out of the airplane, they are blown out? I mean, that is more basic knowledge than the poison thing. Feel free to keep ragging on other people’s ignorance, but the hypocrisy makes you guys the jokes.

    2. JFC, you cheap sons of bitches. I personally have given you over $120 dollars and you can’t buy “Emily’s Choice” for $30? It’s only people jobs and work that they want to get paid for.

    Have you never realized you guys are content parasites? Without all this pre-existing content, you wouldn’t have jack shit to make money off of. You buy the books off 2nd hand market, so none of that money is going to the creators. Maybe you could buy just one dvd instead of stealing it off of youtube.

    I mean, at least maybe think about the fact that you are making money off of other people, but you don’t give a damn thing back to them except snark.

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